Therapeutic Intentions Muscular Therapy - Performing Muscular Therapy  to Areas of Chronic Pain

Cynthia Wilson, Licensed Massage Practitioner & Owner

  • Graduate of Hesser College School   of Massage

  • Board Certified Therapist with

  • Member of American Massage Therapy Association

  • Specialty Training in Chronic Pain Modalities

My intention is to provide individualized advanced clinical muscular therapy to those in need of relief from pain.   I treat areas of chronic pain with Myofascial Mobilization,  Neuromuscular Therapy and Assisted Isolated Stretching. These therapeutic modalities increase movement, alleviate pain and realign the body into a healthy state of  balance.
Areas of Specialty:

200 hours of specialized training at the Muscular Wellness Institute 

Certified in Myofascial Release

                   Neuromuscular Therapy

                   Active Isolated Stretching